Foreign-invested enterprises have contributed to socio-economic development of the country; however, they have also exposed a lot of issues such as transfer pricing, tax evasion resulting in losses in the State budget and adversely impacting on Vietnamese investment environment. As a result of that, regulations on transfer pricing are increasingly strict and complicated. The tax authorities around the world cooperate to ensure transparency of inter-company transactions. In accordance with this trend, Vietnamese authorities tend to standardize transfer pricing regulations in compliance with OECD standards. The services rendered by us follow the following stages:

Plan and prepare documents for market price determination:

  • Directly plan and prepare reports of market price determination in accordance with the current laws and regulations;
  • Determine market price and prove inter-company price of the business;
  • Support clients in review and checking the documents of proving transaction price, evaluate the completeness and validity of the existing documents and propose supplement documents in accordance with the standard dossier.

Establish tax solutions in combination with business orientation and policies of clients: in fact, the policies of tax optimization and business orientation could be different and contracticory from each other. We assist clients to set up the solutions for these issues, helping clients to ensure compliance with transfer pricing regulations as well as business efficiency and to maintain the business orientation of the company and the group in a whole.